Winter 2021 Updates

WIBCO completed numerous projects in the previous quarter including an exterior renovation project for a band member. The house needed a new deck rebuilt to higher standards with new posts, beams, concrete pad, wood retaining wall, stairs, vinyl decking, and a glass railing. Small projects for the Westbank Salvation army were completed including new access doors to existing offices and the securing of a new donations tent structure to a concrete pad. A garage for a family in West Kelowna was also completed. A shop project in Lake Country (design-build) is now substantially completed. Seasonal work will be completed in the coming weeks. WIBCO recently hired two workers for current projects including one band member. As more work becomes available, there will be more employment opportunities. Email your resume to Paul Courtoreille at

The company has started selective demolition on the WFN Duplex Renovation on Fox Road. The company is working on several bids including a tenant improvement for Sncəwips Heritage Museum.

There was a bid submitted for a private office and shop project in West Kelowna. A client is working with WIBCO on a potential four-unit townhouse project in Kelowna. WIBCO continues to seek out new opportunities with government agencies, and private clients on the various bid portals. Recently, WIBCO renewed its builder’s license and secured a new home warranty coverage for future customers.

We are ready to help make your dream a reality. Please give us a call at the office for more information at 250-768-5617.  

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