Summer 2021 Updates

Construction News

WIBCO was actively working on several projects. The projects ranged from residential renovations, a design-build project, and the major renovation of a duplex unit for WFN. The Summer presented some challenges due to the overheated construction market, high wood prices, and poor air quality conditions from the record-breaking fire season. Through hard work and proper planning, we are happy to report that all projects are on schedule and on budget. This fall is looking to be a productive one, as we are in the design stage for a high-end commercial tenant improvement project and the construction of 3 new homes for Ntityix Development Corp. We will be tendering these projects to the respective trades to prepare our budgets and anticipate adding some new members to the team once a start date has been determined.

Project Updates

WIBCO Construction has completed the design-build project in Lake Country, which included the construction of a 1,200 sqft shop, retaining walls, landscaping, paving, and the reconfiguration of a putting green. The project was completed on budget and the customer is satisfied. WIBCO also completed a major driveway improvement project that included the removal of the existing asphalt driveway and the installation of a new concrete driveway complete with a snow melt system. The project included some landscape improvements and the installation of a decorative guardrail. WIBCO is very proud to announce that we recently completed the Fox Road Duplex renovation for WFN. The duplex project was completed nearly 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The progress of this project was showcased on our Facebook page, and we thank you for all the feedback. A special shout-out to all those firefighters who helped keep us safe this Summer!

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