Autumn 2021 Updates


Fall 2021 WIBCO Construction successfully completed the duplex renovation on Fox Road for WFN. We also started construction on an office tenant improvement for the First Nations Finance Authority and won a large demolition contract for the demolition of the Little Kingdom Shopping Centre located on the Okanagan Indian Band.                                    

This Fall lumber prices have eased, but the general global shortage of goods, due to the heated construction market and Covid-related delays have added an extra challenge to our projects. Thankfully, through hard work and proper planning, we have negated any delays to current projects. This past Fall also presented us with some new opportunities from insurance companies trying to secure qualified contractors for remediation of the properties, affected by the recent natural disasters (fire and flood). WIBCO was able to hire two new temporary full-time workers (WFN Members) for these projects. WIBCO is anticipating a busy Winter / Springtime with 3 new houses scheduled to start once the snow melts and the ground thaws.


WIBCO Construction completed the Duplex Renovation Fox Road for WFN in September on time and on budget. The project included elements to make the homes more accessible, including a concrete ramp, larger door openings, and a zero-threshold shower. WIBCO also completed the design of an office tenant improvement for FNFA and work is well underway. The project will have some key design elements such as cedar carved panels, LED Skylights, and a decorative herringbone ceiling. The project is scheduled to be substantially completed by the end of February 2022. We will be sure to post progress photos during the build so you can witness the transformation. In October WIBCO Construction submitted our “Versace Bathroom” renovation to this year’s CHBA Awards of Excellence, voted by on by our peers in the industry. This is the first time the company has made a submission and we are proud to report that our project was selected as a top 3 finalist in that category! We look forward to representing WIBCO and WFN at this year’s Awards of Excellence on January 29, 2022. We will keep you posted on the results.                            

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